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www.printspublications.com is an online presentation of PRINTS PUBLICATIONS and is the most proliferate and resourceful source for Journals, Serials, Newspapers, Magazines, periodicals, current and archived in India. PRINTS PUBLICATIONS is an established and impressive name in the industry, deriving its strength through its dedicated service to the community of customers and proudly boasts of the most extensive repertoire of publications to cater to all scholarly tastes.

Our quest for better methods of serving our ever expanding and demanding clientele the world over led to the creation of www.printspublications.com, which effectively focuses on the requirements of books, proceedings, monographs, multivolume sets etc for our ever-expanding clientele the world over. It has been, to quote ‘the most appropriate forum for the largest source of books to link the needs of the largest base of clients’. It is from such impeccable pedigree, that printsjournals.com comes online to fulfil and exceed the expectations of its discerning global customers through its innovative and complete range of journals and periodicals from its dedicated website.